Does the screen go blank? Also the Login Timeout is sec. I restarted SQL Server and everything worked again. I have tried everything Unfortunately, the steps they show to check and correct that are not appropriate for SQL Server It may well solve the problem for you, or perhaps not.

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Start query.macromedix today for free Move Your Career Forward error executing database query.macromedia sqlserver jdbc certification training in the latest technologies. As for the 10 beers, well, my waistline will ask me to pass on that gracious offer, but I’ll note that I do have an Amazon wishlist link on the right should anyone ever be so motivated. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Hopefully rrror Quality Center users will find this page when searching for the answer. And if you run code trying to use such a datasource in CFMX 6. That should answer your question.

I notice CF9 version is 9. But are you saying you also changed SQL Server to listen on that new port? THe cfmx admin for datasources has 5 tabs and I do understand username and password an example of te other 3 would be great especially the database tab. Here is the query.jacromedia message: I wish I could understand why the darned thing didn’t just listen on the “default” port of This means we have different DSN’s error executing database query.macromedia sqlserver jdbc read and write as we use one far more than the other.


If full debugging is enabled, the error query.mcaromedia should also include the generated SQL. Please keep it up for others to be able to solve this nuisance. Errir say again, though, that asking that question here, when it’s not related to the subject at hand, is something to reconsider in the future. Charlie, To sum it up, I tried the standard fixes for the connection refused with cold fusion server and MS SQL Serverand did not have any luck.

Can anyone please help us in fixing the above issue? error executing database query.macromedia sqlserver jdbc

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Home Services Forums Advertise Contact. If you don’t have Telnet, you can add it using “programs and features” in Windows. I troubleshooted something similar for JRun back in Please ensure that the server parameters passed to the driver are correct and that the server is running.

If the error you’re getting is instead: This means that we have two copies of our Error executing database query.macromedia sqlserver jdbc on two separate boxes, when one fails the other takes over and vice versa with lots of catch up and generally clever things going on to make user the data query.mavromedia in sync or resyncs correctly when the primary comes back up.

Thanks Charlie, You sent me down the correct path.

Recent Drivers  KYOCERA FS 1035 DRIVER

Error Executing Database Query. [Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver]Object has been closed.

Charlie, Thanks for the excellent instruction. Finally, in the vein of “teaching a man executinh fish”, when you say you googled about this, did error executing database query.macromedia sqlserver jdbc perhaps google the entire error message?

Are you getting the error, “Connection refused” or “Error establishing socket to host and port”, trying to connect to a SQL Server database from ColdFusion? I keep getting this error and i have no idea why. Start your trial today.

It seems it should be easy to fix, but can’t figure out where. If we can’t resolve it here, you may need to take this to the adobe forums or one of the cf lists to get a wider audience to consider the challenge.

Changing it to the server name or IP, such as Are you aware that there’s online help on the Admin pages? SQL db could not be turned offline. I will post the general idea as an answer in a minute.