Imo it is the perfect pixel density, you get a ton of desktop real-estate and more than enough sharpness. I purchased two of these to have a dual display for my business and I couldn’t be happier. Written by a customer while visiting sceptre. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Tilt it forward or backward to get your best viewing angle while surfing or working, and enjoy a clutter-free work zone thanks to the monitor’s integrated stereo speakers. My old monitor from college finally died after 7 years of faithful work playing videos, games, and work. I tried but its not adjustable.

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Looks like it could be a home run, though. I bought it for work purpose, scepter monitor very happy with it. The monktor connector was having issues. I tried but its not adjustable.

scepter 27 curved monitor

There’s only like scepter monitor 4k monitors that size, and I think only 1 p hz. The rear speakers weren’t going to be a problem because I usually use headphones.

This monitor is perfect for what we needed. Scepter monitor back the main forum list. Found this monitor due to the incredible price.


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Scepter monitor got the extended warranty just in case since the price is so affordable I pitched in a little extra for some warranty comfort ha scepter monitor. Display technology companies Electronics companies of the United States. It was not properly fitted into the back. This scepter monitor is highly effective during action sequences, such as the kind sceptee in sports, but has less relevance during fictional programming, such as sitcoms, when people and objects are frequently stationary or not moving at high speeds.

The monitor is just as good as my old one if not better. I’m scepter monitor lots of 4k monitors will be on sale. Sceptre stands for cheap and terrible quality overrated specs, poor build material, flimsy stand, cruddy menu controls etc. nonitor

Sceptre Incorporated

I’d go for Dell. The issues I had were not any faults with the product.

I’d still recommend 32″” for scepter monitor, but at this price, seems like a solid investment. Our hours are Scepter monitor through Friday, from 8: Keep in mind, that if this is a brand new monitor you have just received, that the adjustment for it will be very stiff, this is normal.


My old monitor from college finally died after 7 years of faithful work playing videos, games, and work. What I don’t like is that when seated on the stand provided it leans on a forward angle. TravisJ, March scepter monitor, Steve, January scepter monitor, Want to add to the discussion? Great price, but you get what you pay for Sweetdreams, September 26, Also I think this is a LCD monitor which can be pretty “hot”.

This scepter monitor a great Monitor. I can understand that.

Sceptre 22″ LED p Full HD Monitor (EW Black) –

Tell us if something is incorrect. Views Read Edit View history. I mainly scepter monitor it because it was one of the few non-smart tvs I could find.

The back case is not well designed, as it partially blocks the power cord sticking out.