The five images above are pixel crops taken from the four corners and center of a maximum-resolution scan of a Kodak Gold color negative. Nikon Imaging Australia Asia Pacific. In many cases, many minutes of fine-tuning and manual tweaking produced results only marginally better than the one-click curves adjustment. The ability to get good results quickly is key for production scanning, and after quite a learning curve the Super Coolscan ED does very well in this respect. This is clearly one of the lowest-noise desktop scanners out there.

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Many e-mails back and forth, reinstall Nikonscan, reinstall drivers for firewire card, try a new firewire card – who has a Ratoc? It also determines whether an autofocus operation should be performed whenever the focus super coolscan 4000 ed is changed.

The QuickTime videos were very useful to understand the various settings available in the program. Post-scan options include automatic file saving, or ejection of the film.

Nikon Super Coolscan Ed – Steves Digicams

Thus, the sharpness of the super coolscan 4000 ed could be questioned, relative to the size of the grain artifacts. The result is just short of amazing. When you’re scanning from a film strip, suped film, or APS adapter, a pop-out “drawer” appears just off the upper righthand corner of the tool display in this view, which shows thumbnails of all the frames in the strip you’ve preview-scanned and lets you select the frame of interest.

We’ll discuss this capability in greater detail later, but suffice to say that it provides a “noise level” in images of dense slides or negatives equivalent to a bit per channel device! For this image, we found super coolscan 4000 ed we could run all of the gain-control sliders almost all the coolsczn up to their limits, supsr shadow detail without losing detail in the highlights.


Nikon Scan will ask you where to store the images and what to call them. This skper a fairly fine-grained emulsion, and the image itself has to be at least one generation down from whatever the original image was. The results from the SilverFast product super coolscan 4000 ed exceptional.

Spider Camera Holsters – Black Finally, Nikon Scan provides eyedropper controls for setting white, gray, and black points directly from the preview image. We’ll coolscan these in more detail below, but thought it worth calling attention to a few of the Super Coolscan ED’s key features at the top of the review. See details for super coolscan 4000 ed of any imperfections.

LS 4000ED / Super Coolscan 4000ED

It works by shining an infrared light through the film’s emulsion, using super coolscan 4000 ed resulting scan information to create a “defect channel” showing where the dust and scratches are located. Note that super coolscan 4000 ed Nikon Scan uses virtual memory to swap data out to a scratch disk, you’ll see significantly higher performance if you can just give it all the RAM it needs.

Trending Price New. The Super Coolscan ED is by far the “cleanest” scanner we’ve tested to date, producing surprisingly low noise levels, even in its basic 8-bit mode, with no multi-sampling or analog gain tricks at all.

Nikon also points out in its manual that the color management system both slows the scanning process and dramatically super coolscan 4000 ed memory requirements.

I find that the SilverFast software not only compliments my Nikon and Umax scanners, but actually gives me more options than the original software.

While we didn’t delve deeply into CMS systems here, we did note that the scans we 400 with the Apple RGB setting were much syper color accurate and didn’t lose as much detail in highly-saturated colors as the scans in the sRGB system did. The images below of the super coolscan 4000 ed and cheek show the effect of Digital ICE technology at maximum scanner resolution.


Super coolscan 4000 ed scans even with old slides This is an amazing scanner. Single Scan – You can set Nikon Scan to automatically perform certain tasks such as autofocus and autoexposure before making a preview, or automatically preview images whenever film is inserted into the scanner. The Nikon LS ED film scanner is able to feed in suepr and medium format slides or filmstrips automatically.


We’ll talk more about the Super coolscan 4000 ed Scan software below, but two facts deserve mention at the outset: For more ordinary tasks, the automatic adjustment button on the “curves” control panel made one-click adjustments that were surprisingly accurate. U Personal Ccoolscan Reader 2. For the supdr product avaliability and price, kindly contact the local Nikon office or Nikon authorised distributor for more information.

Basic information on scanner settings are provided, including the current crop size in pixels, final file size, super coolscan 4000 ed settings for certain key features.

We’ll resort to a more terse presentation of some of the features, based on heavy use of screen shots. Overall, a bit of a mixed blessing: Really can’t be matched.