Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. In general the touchpad appears to be the same as used by the bigger colleagues. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Due to the somewhat lower clocked Core i M processor in the Vostro , the Vostro under review performs somewhat better with regards to processor performance. Loudspeaker An appealing sound is naturally not of utmost importance for an office laptop as it is with multimedia laptops. The maximum supported resolution for the screen is x Pixels , which is a cinematic

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Review Dell Vostro Notebook – Reviews

Details regarding the vostro 3300 of specific graphics cards can be found in our section ” Computer Games on Laptop Graphics Cards “. In contrast, the Edge 15 and the m ship with integrated graphics, which have less of a punch when it comes to graphics.

This could be because Asus vostro 3300 clocked down the graphics card.

In general the touchpad appears to be the same as used by the bigger colleagues. In vostro 3300 to better protect your vostrl, all models feature a shock sensor.

Review Dell Vostro 3300 Notebook

Their resistance during adjusting the opening angle seems alright, but there is a slight luffing afterwards. In order to stay readable in adverse light conditions such as outdoors in the sun, the display should be brighter. Vostro 3300 can be expected with Dell the Vostro can also be vostro 3300 configured.


At least the top side remains at a reasonable temperature in the green zone. This would give a vostro 3300 life of about three hours.

Keyboard A standard layout without specific key groups and with good mechanical traits, a distinct pressure point and a rather long length of stroke, make for error free touch typing from vostro 3300 off. Windows 7 performance index.

Only Vosto Docking solutions: Regarding available hard drives Dell lists models with a speed of rpm and different capacities.

Apparently this class replaces the formerly very successful inchers, which disappear vostro 3300 by bit and only persist in the upper business range. Especially in mobile use, this vostro 3300 cause a frequent adjustment of the opening angle. With the 8-cell battery, the 4. At any rate, for background music, i.

In jerky work environments, during a train vostro 3300 for instance, the screen vibrates considerably, as well as teetering considerably after adjusting the opening angle. For the present, the Dell Vostro is only offered with a single vostro 3300 model.

Connecting a big external screen is especially interesting if used stationary. Just as, vostro 3300 scrolling, one can revert to using the marked vertical and horizontal scroll bars.

Dell Vostro review | Alphr

An excellent vostro 3300 angle is achieved horizontally. Typically for notebooks viewing is narrow on the vertical plane. With the 80WH battery 8-cellon the other hand, you’ll get an additional 4 hours 55 minutes, according vostro 3300 MobileMark tests. Under low loadwhen office application are run, a maximum temperature of We show the least vostgo of ads whenever possible. Performance vosgro Just the Windows 7 performance index was available for an vostro 3300 of the performance.


Though it’s small in size, it sports powerful parts can cater to any big league professional.

Huawei MateBook X Pro. The desktop size is alright for a notebook of its size and sufficient for simple office and vostro 3300 applications.

Those looking for a reasonably priced business device with up-to-date hardware, will also find the two already tested, Vostro vostro 3300 This is a dual-core processor, whose cores can be overclocked by the Turbo Boost vostro 3300.

The Lenovo Edge 15 and its lower grade Core i3 processor vosstro stand a chance in tests like video encoding, as the had a convincing edge with a score of 47 seconds. The connectivity is rather meagre. Nevertheless, these are hardly annoying and can by no means be compared to those observed on glossy displays.